How do you discribe that which makes no sense?

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The search

It is amazing how many different avenues of pain and anguish our search for happiness and fulfillment will take us down. We’ve been trained to take in what we see and experience as the item in which we receive our feelings of both comfort and discomfort. It’s taken me time rough times to grasp the way things really are which is the complete opposite of how most of us think. Life is thought then experience. Nothing has come before thought. It’s just that simple. Your life right now in this moment is a compilation of your thoughts from one point or another. So if things are scrambled and random then take a look at your focus. Is it fine tuned or is it split amongst various subjects? Being split or scattered about several subjects lessens the chance of having predictable, enjoyable and substantial results in any one area let alone multiple areas. Having substantial results in several areas is possible but not before consistent results are had in one first. It’s a learning process like anything else in life but so much more worth the effort once accomplished.